Report Respond to Amy Vomit. Strip one end of the cable 0. Say “Thank you” 90 A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated. This symbol shows that a driver tool has a malfunction. Click on the ‘Erase’ tab across the top. Research the internet using the key:

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No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. Report Respond to Hellow. Hopefully the damage is not beyond recovery. Please send me a replywhen u find out that I was right. Soldering irons have the potential to burn or melt the printed circuit board, make the recovery much more difficult for a professional, and even cause the drive jsb be unrecoverable.

Your controller chip has probably gone bad. You can try using another port or restarting your computer. Hellow Jan 17, at Well, it could mean that your disk has malfunctions that cannot be corrected and the ueb remaining solution is to obtain another data storage gadget.


I couldn’t open it.

There may be corruption in the controller chip or the chips themselves. This data may be able to be put back together depending on what ush the problem.

For me help only: You can also update the software. Any help will be appreciated. In this article, I will show you how to fix an unrecognized USB flash drive i.

If so then you will not want to format it anyhow. This brought back my flash drive, in its original state with all files present prior to running Rufus.

Please reply back soon. Your USB myflaeh will be automatically installed. It does not detect or show anything when i put it into the usb port. Sorry about the delay response on this.

Rufus Damaged my USB. Windows can not detect USB – Super User

Follow the link in the article to get a durable flash disk! Sounds like a failed controller. Strip one myflasu of the cable 0. Only the computer show that your device is ready to use and in computer he usb is not shown.


We can sure take a look at it for you, would you like to give us a call?

Please give us a call for a quote. KletterKlawers Jun 26, at If it contains important I recommend that you buy the durable disk described above. It is not recognized no system or drive letter assigned by Windows any. Concerning how to recover data from malfunctioned or unrecognized usb drive, I haven’t recommended any software, but I can encourage anyone trying this task to consider using EaseUS disk data recovery software.

Please see the instructions below to reformat for your PC, or Mac system. Other solutions outlined in the article can also help.

What should I do now?