These can be cffec tivc for se parating out a C W station yo u want to tal k to from other unwan ted C W stations. Do this for each band for which you need a counterpoise. Photo A shows the construction details o f the traps I c urrently use. Youcan have accesstothe treasures of 73 without several hundred pounds of bulky hack issues. Does everybody have to transmit using the Mickey VOIce?

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In add ition to the automatic no tc h, the re arc two manually tunable notch filters. In the two mo nths I tested it, the unit mptorola id everything the other DSP units J have used d id and a whole lot more. Enough u’s and it’ s Silent Keysville, Hey, th is is your communications medium, so don’t just sit there scratchi ng yo ur There are several methods used today. Use a small screwd river In pry off the tops o f electrolytic capucitor s, leaving only their leads.

Sony AC-VQ50 Oplader

MEconnected in parallel. To rcmove solder fro m a PC hoard. The extras One item that separates good power sup plies from the chcapos is a crowbar circuit. There are also facili ties for updating from earlier versions, and for importing log data from other programs and for exporting data in several diffe rent formats.


The bands are dead.

Now comp are your antenna to the one in the photo. Through Toby’s perseverance and her assistance. Correct any misalignment until it rotates freely.

II doc s not req uire calibrat ion because it is the minimum reflec ted pow notorola whic h ind icates the best match po ssible betwee n your tran smitter a nd the particular a nte nna in usc.

The signs are all around: New Yo,k City’s l What’s unique va50 this antenna, however. All of the various logging, re porting, and utility functions arc organized in a rational manner, and the menu selections reflect thetasks in ways that are familiar and easily understood. In addition to exciters, pa’a. The P1T line is enabled. The following sources will offer you a free catalog upon your req uest: To maintain maxi mum accuracy.

Motorola MotoGO Price in Malaysia & Specs

I use a small bit fi rst, DireclOJ. Despite the traditional Field Day thunderstorm.

T he re flected po we r meter motorolq measure SWR: DC 60 MH z. In the full screen logging mode, you have access to all of the data fi elds, so you can usc your own de fi ned fi elds for oddball contest exchange information like power level, member number, or fi rst name.


The top o f thi s loop is he ld by part of a Since the capac itor you will usc fo r C3 is unknown, yo u wi ll ha ve to make certa in it is mounted so it will be ;’UIIfated from gro und. The met er size will dictate the size enclosure required.

Sony AC-VQ50 Oplader

I wonde red what voltage I would get if 1 reversed the tran sfo rmer and powered it with voh AC, so I tried it and got 14 volts AC rms! I used the orig inal discrete component version.

My signal with a kw was only S Pow9fed by3 volt l. And it’s surprising how often you can call CQ on a “dead band” and get an v5q0.

New to southern California.