To help those who read this and are about to go through much pain figuring this out you need to grab firestb. If it is something other than 0 this means 5C protection is enabled and you won’t be able to capture that channel. A TV capture card tuner would be a good idea if you want to watch conventional non-digital cable, antenna or dish TV channels. So far it’s been no more difficult than simply downloading a couple drivers. Does upgrading to 0. Instead of using the Stop Recording Executable, you could explicitly run the vlc stop process right before the “kill” logic.

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Also make sure you have HDPump installed.

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DCT64xx Firewire mpeg2 capture using Windows XP Now that the software and drivers are installed you are ready for some firewire captures. Have you looked in the gbpvr.

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Thanks for the great info and coding sub and UBU, it helps a lot. If I click configure device button VLC crashes.

I was able to copy recorded shows from xct6412 Comcast DVR to my Windows XP computer fairly easily using a FireWire cable, a few software drivers, and a free video streaming program.

Become the technical guru everyone loves. I’ll also try on my side. I have to reboot to get things working again. Does upgrading to 0. It too works very well so I’ll be able to control the STB completely via the fireware cable. He is trying to set up the dvr so he can change channels using windows mce.


AV Control Panels

There have also been many times when I’ve wanted to save a show to my computer, or to make a DVD for friends to watch – motoro,a as the time my friend’s son was interviewed on a fund raiser for MD that was hosted by one of our local news stations. I am probably going at this the hard way but it seems to be close. I used the drivers originally written for MCE I messed with Comcast HD on demand and got that to record for about 15 seconds. Here is where Motorola is hoping to go with the new DVR’s!

Send Motorola DVR shows to a PC via Firewire | DVRplayground

To stop VLC from the command line you can use pnel So far it’s been no more difficult than simply downloading a couple drivers. Pre Command and select Edit Command. The channel change problem occurs in two ways: The end result should look like this in the Device Manager, mtoorola both devices installed under “Imaging Devices”: I think the parameters I was using was something like dshow: This does prevent me from having to reboot.

If you want to produce a DVD with menus, etc. And like you said getting the filename into the batch file is what took a little time. I’m trying to get him to make the switch to gbpvr. I installed the proper drivers and catalist software. Make sure your computer has a FireWire port, which will either be a small 4-pin port or the regular 6-pin port that looks the same as the port on the back of the DVR itself.


Connecting Digital Cable Box through FireWire [Archive] – NextPVR Forums

Set the time required for the live capture should be at least the length of time of the show you want to capture and then select Rec to start the capture. Pre Command and click on it.

The third one is saying that it executed your “Stop Recording Executable” with the vlc: I can recreate the same problem from within vlc. Using the graphedit player does seem sightly faster than VLC but you see a few menus popup as an artifact of autoit so you may prefer VLC, carpeV As to WTG’s post I’d be willing to play a bit with the external recorder code as well – but it would be helpful to have a C on.