After changing language successfully, you can see the time display on your Q-Watch. Please measure 3 fingers above the wrist. And user should wear on the position of the capillary concentrated distribution area. Remove i-gotU Q-Watch before you engage the following activities: Please refer to the link below for the detailed REM explanation:

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Enable your phone Bluetooth setting, and remove the all paired devices. Please lock your i-gotU Life app, if your smartphone has supported the lock mobilwaction function.

How to set the Low Activity Alert function? After starting the i-gotU Life app, then long press the Recents button to show the recent apps tray. If your Q-Watch device still cannot connect with your phone, please uninstall the i-gotU Life app, and reinstall the i-gotU Life,and then select “Yes, First time”then following the installation wizard to connect Q-Watch device.

However, it could be inaccurate for the number of steps and the step length due to the fact that everyone positions differently while walking or running. Please select the month that you want to revover, then click ” Mobileactioh ” button to recover your data.

The other mode will NOT connect: Manual Switch to Sleep mode: After changing language successfully, you can see the bluetooh display on your Q-Watch.


Until you switch to “Daily mode” and make the connection between smart phone and Q-Watch device, the sleeping pattern data will be downloaded from Q-Watch, and then i-gotU Life app will analysis your sleeping pattern.

The steps on Q-Band is calculated 2 steps when your hand swing back and forth once, and the step distance is detected by the motion sensor according hand swing speed. UV level would be inaccuracy due to the angle of the sunlight and the residence time.

High temperature and steam may cause damage the device. If you have a regular sleep time, we recommend you to enable Device Auto Sleep function. You do not need to manually switch to Sleep mode. Please refer to the following steps or video to detect your heart rate correctly. Only Daily and Sports mode can connect with your phone. Also included in the package is a CDrom will all the software and drivers you need to get the adapter working.

Mobile Action Bluetooth 2.0 Management Tool

When the memory is full, the oldest records will be overwritten. It has Circular Logging function: Moreover, Disconnection Alert function is used to remind users for checking whether their phone is nearby.

And it is usually less than 10 meters. Please click ” OK ” to enable Notification function, and follow the procedure to allow the Notification access Service.


How to turn on screen by gesture? In the option of Heart Rate Sensor, please refer to instruction to wear Q-Watch HR, and select which mode you want to activate the optical sensor.

If sleep status is just detected when Q-Watch is stationary or less movement, inaccuracy would be increased. You also can refer to the video to reset your Q-Watch device: Then i-gotU Life will download firmware again and install on Q-Watch.

Sauna or steam room: Suggestion to wear above the wrist for 3 fingers, the heart rate detection will be more accurate.

Mobile Action Bluetooth Adaptor MA – Mobile Accessories

You will see the [i-gotU Life] in the startup apps list, please do not select the i-gotU Life app. It can be used for more than 10 days after fully charged.

My iPhone has enabled the Notification function of i-gotU Life, but my Q-Watch device does not receive the message notification? It has built-in saving power function, so it does not need to shut down the power. Please open i-gotU Life app and click ” No, Not first time ” to proceed the installation.