The Raspbian kernel doesn’t come with modules needed, so the kernel must be compiled from source. I suppose I need to write a C-program that deals with this Privacy policy About eLinux. Then compile the kernel. I appreciates some hints. Looking at your circuit, I see potential problem:

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Starting Create list of required static device nodes for the current kernel Privacy Policy Terms of Use Disclaimer.

How to configure and use CAN bus

All the meanwhile, your CAN bus is still going, and you can receive more data while you are dealing with processing and SPI junk. You should be able to port anything to your chip. Listening on Syslog Socket.

Hash tables configured established bind [ 0. To use the 3. The software is fine.

I don’t know anyone with crystal ball so I don’t know what is your circuit nor config. This can be reduced using the following patch. Starting udev Kernel Socket. Figured it out, don’t know why but I still can’t see your photos. When the CAN controller is built in the micro, you hopefully have a FIFO buffer where you can let the HW worry about collecting the data and you simply read the internal registers which happens really quick compared to waiting for SPI transfers to get data.


At least, a proper GCC installation is needed, and ncurses development package are used by kernel menuconfig. Do You see anything wrong in the wiring? Starting Delayed Shutdown Socket. FIQ enabled [ 3.

The following instructions present all steps requiered to build a kernel with the correct modules, and some useful commands to use it. A little bit of help is appreciated. Then there is a problem with the interrupt signal from the MCPx chip back to the driver. Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.

Mounted root ext4 filesystem readonly on device Mounted Debug File System. But I don’t know. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile.

Use the tools to generate an image from the build kernel, and copy that to a new “build” directory. You can also telnet into the target hardware and use cansend to put a packet on the bus that can be monitiored with candump. Board index All times are UTC. Inserted module ‘ipv6’ [ 8. Started Increase datagram queue length. From RidgeRun Developer Connection.


How to Configure and Use CAN Bus | RidgeRun Developer

For compiling on the Raspberry Pi, just type “make”. Created slice System Slice. NAK holdoff enabled [ 3. I think i need write the driver of mcp and application program.

My kernel version is 4.