We fill the authors and books tables with initial data. If there are no rows left, the method returns false. The first column is 21 characters wide and is aligned to the left. The number of rows and columns returned in a result set belongs to metadata as well. And to start a new transaction, the autocommit must be turned off.

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We create a new table called friends and insert five rows into it. To start a new transaction, we turn the autocommit off.

PostgreSQL Java tutorial – PostgreSQL programming in Java

A good example where a transaction is necessary. In this program, we select authors from the authors table and their books from the books table.

Therefore we run into troubles when using older driver with the PostgreSQL 9. We print the names of the columns returned in the result set.

The parameters of the setBinaryStream method are the ,aven index to bind, the input stream and the number of bytes in the stream. Sign up using Facebook.

PostgreSQL Drivers

If you are using 1. If you are using the 1. Email Required, but never shown. Metadata in a PostgreSQL database contains information about the tables and columns, in which we store data.


The method returns a boolean value indicating if the first result is a ResultSet object. PostgreSQL database has a special data type to store binary data called bytea.

To read bytes from this file, we create a FileInputStream object. When a connection is created, it is in autocommit mode. From the JDBC point of view, it is an extension to the standard.

It contains support for SSL and the javax. Now we will concern ourselves with prepared statements.

We can change the user, the password or the connection URL without needing to recompile the program. However, when working with drivers these statements are omitted. If we change the author and do not change the author’s books, the data is corrupted. The effects of all the SQL statements in a transaction can postgrea either all committed to the database or all rolled back.

When the autocommit is turned off, we commit the changes by calling the commit or roll it back mavn calling the rollback method.

The number of rows and columns returned in a result set belongs to metadata as well. The jdcb runs Maven in quite mode; it disables all Maven messages except error messages. It is a multi-user database management system. When we need to update data with multiple statements, we can use batch updates. After the installation, a postgres user with administration priviliges was created with empty default password.


Images are binary data.

Maven Repository: PostgreSQL Drivers

We check the version of the PostgreSQL jdc. Metadata is information about the data in the database. This is a non-standard data type. It returns false when there are no more rows in the result set. We create a new testdb database with createdb command, which is going to be owned by user We must also change the books associated with this author.

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