What that means is the muscle back progressively gets bigger the longer the iron. No range, no practice shots. Outstanding set of irons that are SO easy to hit. I have been using Taylor Made bubble shaft irons for years. Being able to hit yard tee and fairway shots accurately is a brand new element to my game.

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MacGregor V-Foil M675 Iron Set

The long irons have a fairly large rounded muscle back. I can not say enough positive things about them. Everyone said that this would not be any good for me, but how could they know? I tried them on the range, and hit the ball very well! Displaying 1 – 10 of 19 reviews Paginate left 1 – Current Page 2 Paginate right.

I played about 10 different types of iron sets at macgtegor local pro shop. I am always looking for forgivenessa soft feel, and a larger than normal head so I don’t miss hit t hem. Your name You must enter your name.

Posted 08 February – I found them easier to hit and a lot more forgiving than my previous clubs. As I looked at the rainbow patterns in all the club faces it was at this point that I noticed what appeared to be some flaws in the workmanship. Everyone is different so maybe you will have better luck with them than I did the first week. Game improvers, end of story.


Before sending me a message for help, please look at the website support section: Off-center shots come off almost as fast with little distance loss. I settled on these after trying out at least a dozen of macgfegor varieties, boy, is there ever a lot of choices out there! Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

Macgregor V-foil Blades

I set up with my normal iron an eight Having said that, they are pretty difficult to hit pure. On macgrefor hits the ball usually flew straight, but not far The rest of the set is long and true. I began to wonder if this was even legal but I suppose it is.

I’m so happy with the M that I bought a 6 iron in the Ladies version for my girl friend to try. I am a club addict.

I wanted to keep the feel of forged, but I realized that I also needed the forgiveness of cast. Posted 29 July – The irons look more like driving irons, but have an incredible feel along with great distance. The steel is a softer metal to give you mxcgregor feel, spin and distance control on your shorter shots.


MacGregor V Foil CM Mixed Set Irons user reviews : out of 5 – 37 reviews –

My handiccap is 12, I am I’ve bought many iron sets on eBay, from Callaway, ,acgregor and Ping. The S59s played great but lack the fell of the forged ms. I highly recommend these with steel or stiff shafts. On my first round at my local club with my new irons at hole A good friend of mine has been beating me for years playing with his forged irons and now I understand why. Your review title You must enter a title.

Note the picture of the 7- and 8- irons at right.

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