Not sure if its because i installed setpoint for my Logitech Media Keyboard I use the CD that came with the mouse, which is also 9. So I think mouseware is worse for gaming just on a compatibility issue. I don’t see a point in them Hey guys, I was trying to install the MouseWare 9. I installed the Mouseware 9. I don’t see any icons in my start menu, or taskbar.

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It’s not even yet.

NEW Logitech Mouseware v9.80

What I seem to have noticed is that when I run mouseware I can’t get a game to recognize the back and forward buttons on my MX Also, the switch app button does NOT work on the mouse. I am unsure if the mouseware installed properly.

Log in or Sign up. LittleMar 15, I’ll uninstall all logitech drivers, and install mouse first. Now if they had a profile option, I’d give it another shot. I unisntall this in control panel, reboot, and it recognizes the logitech mx I don’t use them in games though. There is no option for that alt-tab function.


By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Yes, my password is: I’m betting the setpoint driver for my media keyboard is conflicting with it. Other than this one button that I assume is an Alt-Tab alternative is this software worth installing? I must say, i am unimpressed with it tho. For example if I want one of those buttons set to melee and I hit it on the bind screen, if mouseware is installed and in a stock configuration the button will come up as ‘alt’.

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Logitech Mouseware Driver Download

If all I gain is the alt-tab button that’s what it does, right? What mouse do you use? I switch to USB, and it was still the same problem. GKZMar 14, I have an mx Do you already have an account? It was fixed with the last generation of Mouseware drivers 9.


I can’t recall exactly if i chose that before, but i think i did. I tried installing the mouseware advance utility, but it still doesn’t work.


AnimatrixMar 15, PinBotMar 16, XFX Radeon 1gb. I don’t see any icons in my start menu, or taskbar. Icrontic — Home of the Big Mouuseware Burrito sincefool. Isn’t it also suppose to map the game you are playing or something like that?

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. The software only uses k of memory while running so I don’t see why you shouldn’t. The alt-tab is my preference normally have a game open and want to switch two or three windows back.