I have the same question UglyStuff Replied on August 6, In our organization we have this issue on our T61s. In reply to pgoelz’s post on August 6, This machine is Lenovo R Anyone have a workaround?

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I don’t use two-finger scroll, but it may help what with creating the new Dword and all. This is a deal breaker if W10 never gets this fixed.

how to switch the scroll lock and number lock keys on the t61

This machine is Lenovo R So far that’s been the problem. Thanks for some clues. It;’s the laptop’s right mouse keys!!! This conversation is currently closed to new comments.

It was like my T61 was possessed. I had the wcroll problem but in the opposite directon scrolling up I thought rebooting was the only solution until I stumbled upon what I believe is the root problem: A support guy told us about to replace the mouse, I made it but the error goes on.

Like I’m used to Possibly the Wheel settings in the Mouse options.


Well, after playing around with several different changes to the tp4table. On the W I run TPmiddle. Right now I have it scrolling very smoothly, but from time to time I’ve seen it start misbehaving.

I don’t use the “thingy”, though it does add a little touch of color in this uniform black-and-white environment Lenovo calls a keyboard and it’s a good one, too; I could type on it for hours, which I sometimes do.

With this command, it’s very clear that both hardwares are different: Not sure about x61, but I’m on T here. I’ve been using this all the time, and so never miss r61 middle button click to open lenovl. WhatsThePoint Sep 18, Trackpoint scrolling is one of the absolute best features of the Thinkpad laptops.

To this date I have never gotten the middle mouse button and middle trackpoint button scrolling to work at the same time. When I touch the touchpad and move away from the scroll zones, the cursor moves, and the scroll lock problem goes away.

Not in the childish “settings” windows, nor in Edge. My reasoning is that the laptop will remember what connections were active or not active before it went to sleep. I thought that for the sale it would be best to However, now the TPmiddle. I will try it however when I receive my replacement palm restand let you know if it works. In our organization we have this issue on our T61s. Enabling them in settings works, but only as long as you don’t touch the pad.


how to switch the scroll lock and number lock keys on the t61 | NotebookReview

For what it’s worth, the issue is still unsolved in buildand if memory serves, I had to point Windows 10 at the partition hosting my copy of Windows 8. I guess that what it does is “emulate” the two-finger scroll, as I saw with zcroll posts on other sites. Yes, but I want to use the option that you have the dcroll pressure on the trackpoint if you want to keep scrolling.

Install “Pointing Devices” 2.