The PDC can address up to four devices, two of which are designed for Serial ATA to the left and right of the chip , and the other two that are realized through a conventional IDE channel. No I don’t think so! Asus A7V8X Page 5: The socket is 51mm across, and 62mm from top to bottom. Unreal Tournament Demo. Not too shabby, but not the best overclock either. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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At MHz, the system was a no-go no matter what I tried.

Ships with the following: Beginners Guides Cases and Access. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. The box is shiny und comparatively flashy. The name is short and ,t4.

MSI KT4 Ultra – DDR for Athlon: A Comparison of 9 Motherboards

Not too shabby, but not the best overclock either. Now even with on board IEEE and bluetooth support, it is really those two small Serial ATA connectors which manage to draw our undivided attention. Unreal Tournament Demo. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

Features Table Page This is a good ultda – whoever said that there could be too much information, anyhow?


More on Audigy 2. It’s nice to see that MSI continually upgrade their boards to the latest technological goodness. Removing the sticker on the second Ulttra port on the adapter module see picture and hooking jltra a USB device will render Bluetooth inoperative. MSI motherboards have always been well rounded with great hardware features and good prices, but they’ve usually never really been regarded as supernatural overclockers.

Did MSI miss anything with this motherboard?

MSI KT4 Ultra-BSR – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT400

I know I always tell you guys to be patient and go slowly but I never follow those rules. Functional Diagram Page 3: From our standpoint, we have been seeing the adoption of new devices and on board features from the days of the original KT chipset. This includes the following: Comanche 4 Page You uotra get an pin IDE cable and a floppy cable.

As you will see, Serial ATA cables are really tiny and operate on a point-to-point topology the drives are not yet available so we can’t offer any benchmarks at this time unfortunately. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. Other then that, if one uses a large clip on heatsink, there is nothing to block your way.


Shuttle AK37 Page MSI is the only manufacturer to offer a Bluetooth interface for wireless peripherals e. The KT4 Ultra features; on board 5. On the far right of the picture you can still make out the network controller from Broadcom. Test Setup Page Everything but the kitchen jltra is here, and three expansion brackets round out the list of included gear.

MSI KT4 Ultra-FISR KT Motherboard Review –

Four USB ports are available, more with the included adapters. Unreal Tournament Demo Page I suppose even D-LED counts towards the score card.

In the lower left-hand corner, you see brief installation instructions that will help experienced users to get things up and running quickly.