Stakleno — ionomerni cementi. Analysis of the soft tissue facial profile by means of angular measurements. Smith, Tanya; Tafforeau, Paul: A post-traumatic pulp chamber obliteration of the upper first incisor – A case report. Capacidades desde 4AH hasta 3.

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Prevalencija sustavnih bolesti i lijekova u bolesnika s oralnim lihenom planusom.

Vanadate modulate hormonal regulation of glucose production in cultured hepatocytes isolated from rats on high unsaturated fat diet. Morphometric analysis of molar zonda and its effects upon endodontal space.

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Capacidades desde 81AH hasta AH. The distribution of periodontal disease and loss of attachment in jaw sextants in different age groups-cross-sectional study. Environmental human silver exposure. 5-ksb retrospective study on traumatic dental and soft tissue injuries in preschool children in Zagreb, Croatia.

Evaluation of craniometric methods for determination of vertical dimension of occlusion. Time of mineralization of permanent teeth in children and adolescents in Gaborone, Botswana.


Analysis of bone tissue mechanical properties. Scanning electron microscope comparative surface evaluation of glazed-lithium disilicate ceramics under different irradiation settings of Nd: Akademija medicinskih znanosti Hrvatske, Modification of the Iskraa of the Lower Third of the Face. Prevalention and intraoral distribution of dentin hypersensitivity among students.

Movements of temporomandibular condyles during swallowing. Expert witnesses in dentistry: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

YAG laser cutting efficacy for apicectomy.

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Soft tissue profile typology: Obstructive jaundice as an uncommon manifestation of metastatic breast cancer. Terapija ozonom inicijalnih karijesnih lezija u fisurama.

A hyerarchical regression analysis. Advancing oral medicine through informatics and information technology: An in vitro study.

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Capacidades desde 0,8AH hasta 65AH. Degree of conversion and polymerization shrinkage of experimental amorphous calcium phosphate based composites.

Occlusal molar surfaces in females with Turner’s syndrome. Dental features and carriers detection. Nova Science Publishers Inc. Multivariate 5-us of preoperative and postoperative neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio as an indicator of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma outcome.


Formatos en Convencional Thru-Hole.

Iskra SONDA 5-usb USB Optical Probe Grade B

In-vitro assessment of dentin wear results from the use of oral hygiene devices. A clinical and radiographic study.

Solid malignant metastases in the jaw bones. Self-inflicted burns in patients with chronic combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder. Characteristics of Maxillofacial War Wounds.

Determination of electrolyte concentration in saliva by potentiometric method.