Ytai February 22, at 9: Eclipse is a very powerful tool and gives debugging information in real time. Please read the instructions carefully, they are found in the link below:. If you still can’t find the examples you are looking for, simply browsing the web will result in a ton of information and examples that show you how to communicate with all of the great pieces of hardware within your Andriod device. Chin Ghee Tan February 22, at 8: Retrieved from ” http: I’m trying to keep myself fluent with both and ARM’s too and choose on a case-by-case basis.

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IOIO-OTG – V2.2 – development board for Android, OS X, Windows

Ytai January 27, at 5: So it is so fast and simple to do some prototyping and development with the IOIO. In that, I feel that I have yet to improve.

Ytai February 22, at 9: We are a professional review site that has advertisement and can receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. See the picture below for reference:. The development has been an ongoing process, with new features and bug fixes introduced on a windoes basis. Links Forum Windoqs Blog Contact us. Ytai Ben-Tsvi February 13, at 8: Oiio is an ever increasing number of applications that fall into this category, especially due to the attractiveness of using Android devices in physical computing applications, getting tons of sensors, internet connectivity, lots of computation power, touch screen, etc.


Ytai Ben-Tsvi November 4, at 1: Navigation Main page product Experiment Tutorials. Instead of creating a new project from scratch, we can import an existing IOIO project that has all of the files ready to go.

Your email address will not be published. I would be happy to shell out some “voluntary royalties”: For more information on XML layouts, see the hello world example [10] on developer.

The software had also digital input reading mode, but I could not get it to show any valid input states. The programming language used to write an Android ooio is Java. I will check that out. The potentiometer changes how much current is being used by the power supply to charge the phone.

The project tree has many files. Download the software package with libraries and examples from the website and you’re good to go. Anonymous January 25, at 5: Sometimes the error will tell you exactly what’s wrong and sometimes the errors are more obscure. It is indeed a good idea.

IOIO-OTG board review |

I am java developer finding documentation and example of it but this project needs a saprate website or wiki,example like other open source project. I could not find it in https: Eclipse is a very powerful tool and gives debugging information in real time. In my tests the PWM outputs generated the PWM signal at Hz frequency which is suitable for example for LED dimming and should be iiio for hobby servo controlling at ms pulse lengths if you need to get different PWM frequency like commonly used 1 kHz as given by Arduino Firmata or used by some industrial PWM systems, you need to make wundows own program.


June 6, at 5: You are now on your way to creating your very own IOIO apps! Anonymous March 14, at 1: Let’s start from scratch, as for some of the readers who’ve spent the last two years on Mars this might be your first encounter.

IOIO-OTG board review

To figure out what the errors are, Eclipse has tab called ‘Problems’ that shows you what errors you are getting. I hope you have fun with the board now that you have it up and running. Windlws sure the check box is selected for your project. Thanks for your hard work and everything you have done for this project.