The trajectory of a cow in the shows or the price for which it is auctioned are never separated from the trajectory of its breeder. When auctioneers and runners understand that a cow might be sold below expectations, they call the advisors, who are animal scientists and veterinarians employed by the auctioning company to weave additional comments about the reproductive qualities and expecptional family origens of the beast to encourage higher bids. Breeders and veterinarians say that only ten out of a hundred cattle selected to became elite, will become the great champions of livestock fairs. Critics and even market enthusiasts say that such animals have the same value of their selectors. I spoke to the son of a renowned breeder, whose family has been working with zebu cattle for four generations. The search of a Fair Price.

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I’ll only sell her for a hundred! Our neophyte in auctions soon learns to distinguish coxinha eaters from breeders.

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I think it’s an extraordinary animal; I look at one of those extraordinary animals the same way I look at an extraordinary picture of Portinari. Cattle registered as thoroughbred are recongised as members of the breed, but only elite animals are believed to have a pedigree. But there intervam also other reasons.

In sumptuous auctions, which offer an abundant amount intrrcam food and drink to the participants, elite cattle are sold for millionaire prices.

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Breeders and veterinarians say that only ten out of a hundred cattle selected to became elite, will become the great champions of livestock fairs. A great work of art echoes like a miracle, like an enchanted form, which, according to Gell, exerts so much fascination. The University Chicago Press. Bids may only be made after registration. She is the effect of the sensitive intuition of breeders and selectors.


The Brazilian elite cattle market is a ‘blood supply industry’ like others have been subject of recent anthropological studies Cassidy: Journal of Historical Geography, v.

Firstly, because specimens considered elite – those with a valued pedigree, are evaluated in trials which take place at livestock fairs and whose reproductive cells, semen or embryos, are used in order to “improve” national herds – are exclusively sold at auction. When beginners spend time with other cattle farmers and with the cattle at numerous agricultural fairs, auctions, and judgments and also in the farms, they learn how to select.

More than eighty ingercam of the cattle slaughtered in Brazil are of Zebu origin, from the Nellore breed.

According to the breeders 10 and animal scientists who are specialists, the zebu cattle breed can be bred for beef production, as well as for diverse strategies of cattle “management”. Galleria Shopping An extensive range of retail, restaurants and entertainment, there are many unique features, likely to be interrcam in any community.

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This is one of the main mysteries of these events and which gives it an agonistic quality. Why did he consider that the price paid for Absoluta was fair?

Nor is it because it will produce considerable amounts of semen or oocytes. This fact, among other facts, made Uberaba to be popularly known as “The Mecca of Zebu”. Runners ran gesticulated and shouted across the corral. Is it a financial investment?


Lines, a brief history. Journal of Material Culture. Moreover, he continued, the breeder in question, knew how “to do an auction”.

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They are diamonds; they are art; they are the consecration of interdam family. The audience applauded, the DJ played a new song, and when everyone was expecting the completion of the sale, the auctioneer argued: But because these characteristics are the result of human intervention, they also belong to the realm of culture.

He knows how to host his guests very well and, at that particular edition of sales of his herd, he attracted interest from various market segments”.

But his cattle do not have the itnercam quality that the traditional breeder has. According to some scholars Miller: By recognizing descent from the maternal and paternal lines as criteria for belonging to a specific family group, control over reproduction and heredity is more than implicit: Eliye hold agricultural fairs, judgments, organize pedigrees and also produce “elite” cattle.

Approximately a thousand auction guests were talking to each other and getting their mobile phones from their pockets to calculate the total price of the donor.