I couldn’t find any relevant guides, especially for Windows. Then, I don’t know what can be wrong. It’s my understanding that if you want to connect two programs, both of them have to have explicit Jackaudio support. Free forum by Nabble. However, I still didn’t succeed. Download the Jack Audio Connection installer for Windows from the download page.

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Netjack client on windows

I did a small write-up of it here: Connect it as you see fit Note: Stream audio from Windows to Linux Tested on Ubuntu I could be wrong, though. Now the question is, how to catch the stream with the receiving JACK? XP as a master and Win7 slave.

Native Jack applications can make use of the full power of the JACK audio and MIDI connection system for instance, they can open or close Jack connections from within the application, rather than having to set an ASIO driver to use use JackRouteralso, the use of natively provided Jack ports provides the ability to sync audio streams between applications.

Psycle does not have any special support for JACK. I was able to get audio playback working from Windows to Linux with netjack2.


I can connect Jack between the two linux systems fine, but since the ubuntu system is having jack problems regarding microphones, I’m trying to get Windows to communicate with either of them, to no avail so far. Cestarian 1, 1 13 If you don’t see anything else than capture and playback, then you don’t have an application connected kse.

Ok, I think I know what you are doing.

JACK Audio Connection Kit

The messages are just: If you are working with bit applications then contact the Jack Developers hoe for more information. Now I have successfully netjacked from a windows xp and linux virtual box guest, out to OSX Connect it as you see fit Note: The message in Audition seems to indicate that it is not running.

Ack, wish you’d come along sooner, my setup is quite different now with my speakers connected to the windows machine instead Still “waiting for a master” On 18 Octat So, the next thing is to get netjack working! If anything, it’s me who should have more problems making it run Another mac on the network can connect to the server. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Maybe a Win7 issue I launch the Jack NetDriver item in the start menu and it appears to run OK but doesn’t see the server on a mac – i get no outputs in qjackctl’s connections window.


I never actually used it. On Thu, Oct 18, at 4: I tried jackd -R -d netone but that crashes. What I am trying to accomplish is do a simple route of program output to another program’s input. A pure 32 bit version jacl be used with older systems typically XP.

Ableton Forum • View topic – Jack audio with Live 9

I was able to get audio playback working from Windows to Linux with netjack2. Both boxes need to be on the same network such that multicast packets can be passed between them. I’ve tried googling around but people seem to either say “It works! Jack seems to be running, and at that point, the jack audio “soundcard” should be available to programs.