Start the sendmail service at boot. The eToken Properties application displays all the available tokens connected to the server as show in the below figure: The server must be registered to the DNS with direct adn reverse resolution; Please set a human readable server hostname for your server e. Key and certificate stored. Renaming the eToken The token name may be personalized. You may obtain a copy of the License at http:

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Select whether the certificate to import is on your personal computer store on the computer, or on a file.

Aladdin eToken

The new token name is displayed in the eToken Properties window. Only certificates that can be imported on to the eToken are listed.

This counter specifies the number of times the user or administrator can attempt to log on to the eToken with an incorrect password before the eToken is locked. FM’ engine “pkcs11” set. Create full-legacy proxy with more FQANs: A dialog box opens asking if you want to store the CA certificate on the eToken. Click Initialize eToken on the toolbar, or right-click the token name in the left pane and select Initialize eToken from the shortcut menu.


Inside each VO two types of files can be found: Download the servlet for the eTokenServer [ 24 ] and save it as eTokenServer.

How to download Aladdin eToken PKI Client v SP 1 software and documentation

Get the list of avilable robot certificates in the server in JSON format: Installing the certificate in Etokem Firefox 7. Installing the device 2.

The software also includes all the necessary files and drivers to support the eToken management. This appendix provides a brief explaination of the eToken Properties etProps and the various configuration options available to the user.

Wed Jan 16 Register long-term proxy on the MyProxy server only for expert user: Inside each VO two types of files can be found:. The following data is initialized: All eTokens are configured with the insstall default password Aladdin eToken Here are a few things you should know about Aladdin eToken: The Import Certificate dialog box opens.

It is a cryptographic device token that can only store your digital certificate and its keys.

Electronic archival CyberSecurity Cards Technical support: It removes all objects stored on the eToken since manufacture, frees up memory, and resets the eToken password, allowing administrators to initialize the eToken go to specific organizational requirements or security modes.


View eToken Info – provides detailed information about the eToken; 5. Click Import Certificate on the toolbar, or right-click the token name in the left pane and select Import Certificate from the shortcut menu.

The default setting for the maximum number of incorrect logon attempts is Click Rename eToken in the right pane, and the Rename eToken dialog box is displayed as shown in the below figure:. Download an example of configuration files for the eToken from here [ 21 ] and save it as eTokens To unlock it, follow the steps described in the chapter Unlocking the device Do etojen delete any object from the token!

To import a eotken 1. Enter a name for the eToken in the eToken Name field. This chapter provide the list of requirements and the basic information that you need to know to install and configure the servlet. Select the eToken where you want to upload a new certificate.