I use it on a kxstudio version of ubuntu. Join Date Feb Location Mar. The ENVY24 is an advanced chip which is popular with professional equipment manufacturers. Examination of the drivers and utilities can take a lot of time even for an advanced user. Otherwise, the config is pretty simple. I had forgotten that and installed the CD-based driver and it didnt work properly.

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Breath trs low as much as my JV level expander galtrs flexible to use. Once you have downloaded all the files unpack and untar them. Audacity is a multirack audio editing program freely available for Linux, Mac and Windows. The DSP24 Value has a more distinct stereo picture. You can notice that the graph drops out because of superposition of harmonics and mistiming of the testing and resulting signals in course of operation of the measuring program. The advantages of the latter are well seen from the measurement results.

Problem persist with Squeeze and now probably with this my new distro, KXStudio.

No registered users and 0 guests. Both mixers are separate devices. Examination of the drivers and utilities can take a lot of time even for an advanced user. It has many functions for the card. I’m going to take the card into work tomorrow and try it out on one of the spare machines.


Configure Hoontech SoundTrack Audio DSP24 Value Sound Card. – LinuxMusicians

Maybe I should go back to squeeze. Here we can see again mirroring of the spectrum at the half of the resampling frequency, 48 kHz.

The identity of the results is accounted for by the fact that both cards use the same chips of digital transmitter and receiver. Video clips which use ActiveX components of IE run 20 times faster.

PcMus: Linux and the Dsp24 value and c-port audio-cards.

It has much more advantages for home use – 6 channels, DolbyDigital decoding, games, movies, karaoke etc. The files were played by two copies of the Cool Edit Pro 1. Same circuit as the audio audiophile chip ICE. Please notify me if anything is incorrect or needs extra detail and I’ll fix it up for those in the future who need help.


There are some good audio software packages being developed for the Linux hoontfch so it could be very promising as a DAW in the future. Excellent value for money The signal was read from two cards simultaneously installed into the computer. There is a really useful site http: With it you can enable two mixers: The procedure is not for complete linux beginners but neither is it too difficult.


The second tab allows professional audio interfaces to be supported independently by each of virtual outputs. The Waveterminal has a bit more detailed and transparent sound. It has high characteristics of studio equipment level. But if you listen carefully you will notice that such impression is hoonfech by distortions in the highest vslue, and it seems that the highs are becoming more.

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The minimal delay for the ASIO is 5 ms. The situation was improved by the drivers from the manufacturer’s site. According to the program the card must work in DirectSound applications with the number of 2D streams not more than An additional codec is designed to operate as a DirectSound device of the Windows so that users can have all advantages of a standard PCI sound card. Results 1 to 5 of 5.

I use it on a kxstudio version of ubuntu. BioShock Infinite and Metro: