And here in Italy there is support? About Wacom market strategy I do not say anything, but looking on the Internet for some application that can read the actual specifications of a tablet I found this little utility to read the specifications of a tablet: Hey thanks for the review. Similar products in other categories: Last week, the courier arrived with a packet of rather interesting size… the content, you already know, was the Hanvon tablet — Art Master III. Another downside is that, as reported in the manual, Mac users can not use the features related to the pen inclination.

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But you knew that the only one who produce pens without batteries is Wacom because Wacom has the patent on it? In the figure below, even if the application shows Intuos 4 in the bar, there are the data extracted by the two tablets:. The package comes with two pens If you are interested in buying a professional tablet and if the cons listed above does not artmster you, I advise you to seriously evaluate the purchase of an Art Master III.

They can be practical as well as delicious and beautiful. The tablets have a different active surface: Touch Ring User may zoom, scroll, artmxster canvas in applications by using finger artmasfer Touch Ring. Just like cars you have Honda, Nissan, Toyota their almost all the same and get you were you gotta go whats the big deal.

For Attractive design Competitively priced. Hanvin thanks for the review. In the past I had some problem with the cable of my IntuosIII, that is fixed to the tablet, and now I have a nice piece of duct tape to hide an emergency repair.

With this test I wanted to see how the two tablets behave against a write-in block. You can not customize the buttons on the tablet application to application those who use multiple applications might find it very convenient You can not expand the board with other types of pens In the package you dont find any papers… uh … I mean there is no mouse actually, I do not considerthe last three points as real defects, but this depends on points of view.


And you’re so lucky to still have it. But how does the Art Master 3 perform? Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog? Well … Until a few years ago it was true, but not now. The Touch Ring also allows users to zoom, scroll, change, amend brush size and rotate the working canvas in various applications. For Mac users the feature relative to the inclination of the pen is not currently supported For applications where higher accuracy is required, Wacom is the counterpart to be more accurate.

Art Master III – Graphics Tablets – hanvon touch

China medium cultive China medium grain rice China medium grain parboiled rice. The default surface of the monitor tablet corresponds to a different surface of the tablet, with a consequent increase in precision in respect of the tablet with greater surface area. I remember that Wacom has nibs that come in all shapes, capable of satisfying the cravings of the most artmaser fetish of the tablet ….

Writing speed lines Similarly to the previous cases I affixed with the ruler a series of horizontal, vertical and oblique lines on a sheet of paper. Drawing lines with the ruler shows any defects in the precision of the tablet. Actually, that’s not entirely true — the jog wheel’s been defaulted to moving the canvas up and down, but surely zoom would have been more useful?

Analyzing the two parties we can see that the horizontal and vertical lines are clear for both tablets. Questo sito utilizza i cookie: I ran all tests using the trial version artmastet Photoshop CS5.


Writing Test With this test I wanted to see how the two tablets behave against a write-in block. Art Master III seems to be going to a wedding with this program.

During testing, I superimposed the paper tablet to fix it with scotch tape and tried to repeat the lines using a ruler and moving the pen quickly each line is drawn in a period of about 1 sec.

With the Intuos4Wacom not only made several technical leaps forward, they also vastly improved the aesthetics and ergonomics of the graphics tablet. To add to hamvon apparance of the finished product you may want to put some colored shredded paper in the bottom of the basket.

Going into the specifics of testing, however, the Intuos is able to be more precise, unlike Art Master that smudged in some special conditions.

Hanvon Art Master III 9 x 6 (medium)

Here some images less disciplined with some of the previous tests using Painter: These are minor criticisms, and yes, we’ve been spoilt — the Art Master still has all the functionality of ‘that other’ graphics tablet. As already mentioned, the manual indicates that the features related the inclination hanvo not supported on Mac Final Thoughts Both during the test run and in the normal use of the tablet Hanvon Art Master III I noticed no subjective differences compared to using Wacom Intuos 3 tablet.

The tablet, at first sight immediately affect the large size and the careful design.