The selected area is shown in blue. Insert the calibration sheet into the scanner as instructed. Cursor lines red Align with the printed lines, then click. Contact your sales representative or nearest Graphtec vendor. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of Graphtec Corporation. The document slips resulting in displaced images. Click [Search] and select the scanner.

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This category provides information that, if ignored, is highly likely to cause fatal or serious injury to the operator.

Such problems may be avoided by taking the following corrective measures. Detach the document support wires when moving or packing the scanner. A soiled, bent, or scratched sheet will not give grqphtec results. Holding the scanner by the rear part of the top cover may cause damage to the scanner or injury to the persons doing the installation.

Insert the color correction sheet in the scanner as instructed. Repeat this procedure for any additional streaks.

Graphtec Is200 Pro 42″ Large Format Monochrome USB Network Scanner Is200-11

Document guides Document-scanning table The above illustration is of the CS model. The selected area is shown in blue. Select the destination folder for installation.


The windows shown are those for Windows Furthermore, when you have finished using the scanner, click the [Disconnect] button to put the scanner in a status that enables it to be used with other computers.

Moreover, fine adjustment to correct such deviation can be performed using the driver software if the deviation causes are overlapped or missing data. Be sure you understand the difference between each of the categories. Use a cotton swab or something equally soft to gently wipe the paper sensors. Insert the end of the wire so that it fits iis200 the hidden slot on the lower level.

In the case of is2000 the following types of iis200, always place the document in the carrier sheet before loading it into the scanner. Check that the calibration sheet is free of any dust or dirt.

The scanner is connected to an electrical socket that does not provide the rated supply voltage. Lights to indicate a hardware error.

Scanners : Software & Drivers

EXE as the name of the file you wish to open. If it is not is00, there is a possibility that noise will cause incorrect operation, or that the scanned image may be distorted. The values entered here must be within the range of the distance correction. Areas that have been selected shown in blue can be deselected by clicking the left mouse button again. Graphtsc operation is not guaranteed when the scanner is connected to a USB port that is not the standard built-in computer port. In the Graphtec Network Utility, server refers to the scanner.


Screw B Screw B Screw A Screw A Frame 3 7 2—6 Always ensure that you remove the cushion material that is included below graphrec document hold-down unit before using the product. This category provides information that, if ignored, could cause injury to the operator or physical damage to the Image Scanner.

Do not switch off the scanner while calibration is underway.

Graphtec IS200 Scanner

Transparent contact plates The above illustration is of the CS model. Remedy Firmly connect both plugs of the power cord. Click the left mouse button with the mouse positioned over the streak data.

Use only the rated supply voltage. Open the cover and remove the document see Section 5.

Plug the USB 2.