I equate this phenomenon to the large pads used which again, divert the downward force perpendicularly outward, so that the overall experience is more pleasing than the older metal headphone models. The cushion design also makes the PSe one of the most comfortable headphones in the world. Like the midrange presence, the PS sits right in between except for forwardness the HD and LCD-2 in terms of treble quantity and quality. Inside each earpiece there is still some wood-selected mahogany, which supports the drive unit. For one thing, it’s enough to make the headphones slide off if one tilts one’s head forward or back and for another it makes the headband always a Grado weakness in our experience feel quite a burden after a while.

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Patrick Sullivan and Rachel Cox’s twin lead vocals were natural and clear. Austin MorrowJun 19, Human perception can be tricked in all sorts of ways and evidently if the frequency balance is good, the bass extension just right and ggrado distortion low, the ears and brain will between them create the illusion of real bass impact.

This hybrid solution of metal outers enclosing wooden inners became the platform whence the PS launched as the new king of Grados. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Grado PS1000 Headphones

Listen to Holst’s Mars and the PSs’ strong dynamics come to the fore. However, get past these innate shortcomings, and it takes no time to realise Grado has moved the headphone game on.


Why I spent so much time sp1000 testing any Grado? Strongly recommended for audition: Cosmetics remain pure Grado however. That explanation might not seem to make sense, but the sensation is unique in my experience, unlike the equally heavy Final Audio Sonorous VI which feels very much like an around-ear headphone on my head.

Reply August 11, Doris. Now Grado is back in the spotlight with its new top model, part of in fact, currently all of the ‘Professional Series’, the Grado PS What they have vrado beyond all that. Since the PSs are intended for home use, we don’t consider that to be an issue.

Cookies Policy Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience. This is it, I’m done with other high impedance headphones which are so hard to drive It feels that cheap too. Since graco PS’s are made to the same dimensions as the GS’s, with their larger housings, would one expect them to feel even heavier than the PS1’s or HP’s?

Visually appealing and appearing very high quality.

Specifications for the PS includes a frequency response of 8 to 35,Hz, sensitivity of 98dB, nominal impedance of 32 ohms and driver matching to 0. I would very much like to EQ a DT48 with current-edition oval earpads. Those foamies are fittingly dubbed salad bowls by the cognoscenti.

6moons audio reviews: Grado Labs PS

They are articulate without over emphasis. I prefer spending my time listening to music! Grrado is how the PS1’s are consistently reviewed and here too we find the same thing. Lastly I’ll say this, if you’re going to be ps10000 and demo these at a large meet – take your time beforehand, pick a track listing of 10 to 12 tracks that ‘you know’ actually work with the PS The availability of this headphone varies a lot, and it took two months for me to get it at the MSRP price.


The sound seems to literally jump off the drivers with an astounding attack without overemphasizing or exaggerating any part of the spectrum as if the headphones are somehow working hard to reproduce this type of sound or working harder than another set of headphones on the pe1000 system.

They’re open-back headphones, so you can easily hear external sound around you.

Grado Labs – PSe

I don’t know many that forgot they were wearing them, this as opposed to wearing the RS1’s or even better, the GS’s, which are so very light in comparison. So, what unknown delights might be waiting for us in our familiar recordings? The leather-covered headband is a nice finishing touch for the design. Glad you enjoyed the review. The PSs also come with rgado foot trado cable and a 6. Yes, my password is: