Refers to the list of MIME types supported by the operating system. If the browser doesn’t support JavaScript then ‘NotSupported’ value is returned. Indicates the contrast ratio of the device. Indicates if the browser supports a meter element that represents a scalar measurement within a known range or fractional value. This property will return a ‘False’ value for mobile browsers such as Chrome Mobile or email browsers such as Hotmail. Indicates the device’s Ingress Protection Rating against dust and water http: Indicates all model numbers used by the hardware vendor to identify the device.

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A low score will mean that this particular item of hardware is over priced Please login to add your score for Gigatech HM Value.

In cases where there are several versions of the same model of the device, the price will reflect the device that was used to populate the specifications. Indicates if the browser supports the JavaScript events ‘onload’, ‘onclick’ and ‘onselect’.

Indicates if the device is a TV running on a smart operating system e. Indicates if a gigatedh page is accessed from an application whose main function is not browsing the World Wide Web or managing emails, e.


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MODEL javascript is used to display the class. Devices that support voice calls do not necessarily support phone calls.

This property compliments ‘HardwareModel’, e. Indicates the list of sensors supported by the device.

The platform with the most events is ranked 1, the second 2 and so on. An audio codec is a program used to capture digital audio files. Indicates if the device is primarily advertised um an e-reader.

Indicates the resolution of the device’s front camera in megapixels. Refers to gigatehc ‘Device’ value returned for Android Google Play native applications, when the android. Returns NotCrawler when the device is not a crawler. Refers to the suggested optimum height of a hyperlink in points. Indicates if the device supports Wireless Display Technology.

Indicates the expansion slot type the device can support.

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If the browser doesn’t support JavaScript then ‘NotSupported’ value is returned. A list of MIME hn the device can stream. Indicates the height of the device’s screen in pixels.

Indicates if the browser supports requests from a video or canvas element to be displayed in full-screen mode.

JavaScript that can um the property value found by the server using information on the client device. This list of codecs is supported for playback on a basic software installation.


Gm if the browser supports ‘window. Indicates if the browser supports CSS3 images, allowing for fall-back images, gradients and other effects. Indicates the maximum general usage time of the device in minutes.

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Browser for Windows Yandex. Indicates if the browser supports simple dialogues window.

Indicates if the browser supports CSS3 background properties such as background-image, background-color, etc. Indicates the power consumption of the device while switched on. Indicates if the browser supports the gitatech element, useful for drawing graphics via scripting usually JavaScript.

Prices are for the SIM-free version of the device if applicable. Indicates if the browser supports the ‘JSON’ object. Indicates if the browser allows registration of event listeners on event targets by using the addEventListener method.

All browsers are ordered by the number of events associated with that browser that occurred in the sampling period. Indicates the name of the browser.