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All times are GMT If you go into windows sound manager you can test playback rates up to khz, maybe you haven’t set these as playable rates in windows yet This problem has no symptoms in most cases where the app using ASIO is specifically designed to use ASIO as its primary audio output method rather than uses ASIO as an optional feature like foobar does, but it’s a blatant bug race condition in affected ASIO drivers regardless and should be reported to companies responsible for offending drivers. What else could it be? Does the hiface do auto sample rate changing? Originally posted by js:

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This also happens with me! Does the hiface do auto sample rate changing?

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[email protected] today with latest beta of foobar 0. Do I have to do anything in the graphical DirectWire application? Also make sure exclusive mode is ticked for foobar.

What should I set it at? I just read a thread on gearslutz where a user had the same question. Although with auto sample rate switching it is a no-brainer. I am guessing toslink into the Naim DAC will be fabulous. I have been experiencing the exact same issues, and also have an ESI Juli sound card.


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I’ve added a special workaround for this scenario in foobar 0. I use a esi juli soundcard on win xp He measured it with stillwell bitter. Thanks for turning me on to the Juli. Membership Required We’re sorry.

If you go into windows sound manager you can test playback rates up to khz, maybe you haven’t set these as playable rates in windows yet Send a private message to witti. IIRC [email protected] has no detrimental effect on 16bit but it would on 24bit if set to 16bit.

Trying both tonight finally. I had a thread going awhile back wherein Peter had to code several special versions of the ASIO plugin just to get it to work in Foobar eesi all.

I tried everything BIOS settings, reaper buffer setting, gpu drivers, esi drivers, and so on Find More Posts by Serenitynow.

ESI [email protected] + Foobar + ASIO output = Crash

How is this possible?? It couldn’t lock on. Currently using the analog outputs as it is a marked improvement over the Beresford, for what thats worth. Send a private message to Serenitynow.


Foobar versions covered 0. As for updated drivers, there are a few floating around, but I haven’t had the time to [email protected] down and experiment with different driver versions as of late. Though i always asil the latest drivers. Rememeber to set wasapi component as the output in foobar, a good test to see if it is working is to play another sound source and it should play ie youtube because has exclusive mode I have got all this working in Win7 32 and 64bit.

If I leave it alone it’ll work with no problems but when I do something manually then it might crash. After some roundtrip latency measurements my asio4all settings are: Find More Posts by Fabian.

Anything else you need? Originally Posted by witti.

Your problem is exactly the same one which I have.