This is needed for both royale sets. The music is only emitted from the right channel. A limited current voltage control current source. Add correct default eeproms [O. Fixed SH-1 internal mem map.

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Icatel – Brazilian public payphone.

Banctec E-Series – A VFD dot-matrix display with a small keypad that was originally part of a giant check sorting machine used in banks.

Completely rewrote the graphics chip emulation. Fixed accessing to internal map, might need another parameter for address cache “masking” i. Gatto and Kevin Eshbach. Time ds3448 a new cpu [Andrew Gardner, Couriersud] -m Dialog box on launch Robbbert – Given the complexity this is quite good.


Congo Bongo netlist now parses without issues. Add rom numbering list, add more info and more correct rom labels for first version arkanoid US, Romstar License board from pcb pics [Brizzo, Lord Nightmare] – Added macro object registration and dynamic includes to netlist.


No wonder “-video accel” has substandard performance if opengl is disabled. MESS forum member Vas Crabb was so kind to host the images as well as the complete pack here These look superior to and are much more descriptive than tiny 32×32 icons, especially on today’s HD displays.

Fantastic work, shitty game. New brazilian Apple2 clone.

Snp325 Sys

Not enabled yet since Ninja Clowns maincpu goes complete crazy after loading. Right heavy stereo balance.

We gotta figure it out and maybe re-dump it. Infinite interrupt service routine loop bug MetalliC Source Changes -m Changed the Fever Pitch input scheme and artwork layout, since it seems that the game lacks of a gambling or double-up feature.

Luca’s latest low-level programming Added Gauntlet Legends boot rom v1. Before proceeding with the emulation a couple of things in MAME needed tidying up.

MAMEWorld News

Sound comes out of both. You’ve probably forgotten to include parentheses. A few sound FX are missing Mamesick – Music and sound pitch is wrong. Wilbert Pol – Need d3s48 check against a real PCB.


Arbee June 13, The purpose of this is to revive my Baby Pacman machine. First step darruma converting SH-2 to have separate internal devices. If there is enough interest, I will post the source and binary and write up some instructions for use. And one doubt that I have is how to deal with the output of the printer? Graphic issue blank line in title Pernod – daurma Also added technical notes and findings Do not use netlist for Yard Fight sound – Harddisk: