In the next example you will see how to use the ExecuteNonQuery method. Also, make sure you have the latest valid ctl3d Creates a new instance of a MySqlParameter object. If you run the solution you will see that the text and drop down list are displayed, but the list is empty. To grant this application the required permission please contact your system administrator or change the application’s trust level in the configuration file. This section is not designed to be a complete JDBC tutorial.

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To fix the problem you should use any working uninstallers to remove existing installations and then may have to connectionwtring the contents of the registry.

Non-negative number required [fixed]. Click Clear Form to clear text from the textboxes and the label that displays your chosen color.

Gets a string containing the version of the MySQL server to which the client is connected. Some features foreign keys, updatable result sets require more recent versions of MySQL to operate. In case while configuring with thread-safe cconnectionstring, and gotten into a configure error, look at the config.

You should select the Return matching rows option in the DSN.

Chapter Connectors and APIs

The Data Adapter is responsible for efficiently managing connections to the database, opening and closing them as required. ExecuteScalar – used to return a single value. On most platforms, MySQL doesn’t build or support. Values retrieved as strings this way should be correctly recognized as time values by Excel The following error is reported when using transactions: I can connect just fine with the MySQL command-line client.


Here, the data can be viewed and changed before clicking an update button. You will be able to browse your database and choose tables and fields using drag and drop to build your report. Select an optional sort order for the data. You now need to specify the Role and Membership Provider to be used.

Plesk Hosting

You may have to register before you can post: You can also adjust this value directly in the my. Further information on the GetSchema method and schema collections can be found in the Microsoft. This prevents saved data from interfering with the loading of data within our application.

NET supports the concept of obdc and remotely authenticated users. Failures to cancel the statement for setQueryTimeout may manifest themselves as RuntimeExceptions rather than failing silently, as there is currently no way to unblock the thread that is executing the query being cancelled due to timeout expiration and have it throw the exception instead.


Use our own implementation of buffered input streams to get around blocking behavior of java. To build the driver on AIX, make use of the following configure example:.

Because connecting to an external server is unpredictable, it is important to add error handling to your. The ODBC configuration file stores the driver and database information required to connect to the server. When connecting to a MySQL server using ADODB and Excel, occasionally the application fails to communicate with the server and the error Got an error reading communication packets appears in the error log.

NET DateTime class to handle dates. If you have not already done so, you can create the new connection at this time by clicking New Connection Old passwords in 4.

Logic would hold that the 32 bit driver may not work http: When creating a report in Crystal Reports there conneftionstring two options for accessing the MySQL data while designing your report. Banks, for example, use stored procedures for all common operations. Executes a single command against a MySQL database.