In , they are planning to drop the Rainmaker name and rebrand to ViewCentral. Amazon und Netflix wollen Kinos kaufen. Marketed primarily for business but can also be used in education. Website is mostly in Turkish. The terms above are not mutually exclusive and different vendors may use different terms to 3 LMS and eLearning Vendors, Mar. They also offer an LCMS, elearning live — a virtual classroom, and authoring tools. Available in two editions — the Personal Edition that is free for individual trainers, educators or team leads and managers in organizations and the Business Edition for which there are charges.

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Das sind die besten Gaming-Laptops An aviation industry specialist. You cannot expect to find any laptops with enough performance to run games in this segment. Also offer authoring tools. If you are looking for a cheaper laptop a Celeron or Sempron CPU will do fine but if you want to use your laptop for more advanced work or play, then you should choose a laptop with a multiple core CPU. Sparta Hysminai AB https: Important specifications The following specifications are important to consider during your review of laptops and notebooks CPU The CPU, also referred to as the processor, acts like the brains of the laptop and is responsible for processing all the information in the computer.


Learnshare is a consortium of 27 of the Fortune companies who joined together in to share best practices in training and development. Based in South Africa. Also offer a wide range of courseware.

Includes classroom and eLearning, assessments, and a portfolio builder. ERP vendors have been purchasing talent and learning management companies.

In SumTotal acquired a video learning company and now integrates video with books and courses. Described as a collaborative network and marketplace for learning. Rainmaker purchased ViewCentral in September, Also Redwing — a managed learning management app based on Almond. They also have a good battery life.

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The LMS is only available for existing training course clients but it can be used to upload custom courses. Auch Intel macht wieder auf sich aufmerksam. A hosted solution for e-learning only. Also offer content creation services. Also offer ipublish central – an ebook delivery platform and a wide range of technology and learning services including custom course development. Also offer custom development. Includes content management, eCommerce, and seminar and group management for corporate organizations, associations, higher education and continuing medical education providers.


Based in Calgary, Alberta.

Includes assessments and has mobile device capability. Inthey announced Pivot Managed Learning Services https: A hosted system that provides for compliance smarfbook content management. A hosted system for training providers and publishers.

The website is unclear. Represented in the UK by Learning Light. Also offer other HR management solutions, safety training courses and custom development. Website is available in English.

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Includes extensive search capability and eCommerce features. Strong presence in Asia. Status in is unclear. Part of the Medworxx Content Management System.