The Setup Status page appears. In the Currently installed programs list, select Alchemy. Do not enter a file extension. With the Alchemy Server console, you can control user access and limit functionality when necessary to ensure maximum performance. The default buffer setting is 80 MB. Verify your installation settings. ACMS installation Welcome page Hovering over a component on the Installation Welcome page displays an installation recommendation or minimum system requirements for the component.

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Do not enter a file extension. See the appropriate Microsoft documentation regarding the installation of the MMC version 1.

For questions regarding AppXtender Web Access, please contact the. If you leave this option set to zero 0the server uses the automatically calculated setting.

You should perform captaria Transfer License procedure prior to removing an Alchemy component if you intend to reinstall the application on another computer. Disable Retrieve Select this option to prevent users from copying files, launching files in their native application, or retrieving files when using Alchemy Search.

Select your language from the drop-down list. Files, however, are not copied to the new database. Camera Cameleon is a trademark.

Captaris is now OpenText | OpenText

Ldbc License Selection page Using manual licensing 2. The information and ideas herein may not be disclosed to More information. Anyone have any ideas??


Resolution information about a currently displayed captaria. Unless absolutely necessary, Captaris strongly recommends that you do not change the default port number. Select the database or databases you want to open, and then click Open on the Open Database dialog box or OK on the Alchemy Server Databases dialog box.

Captaris does not provide support for your particular software distribution program. You should perform the Transfer License procedure prior to uninstalling an Alchemy component if you intend to reinstall the application on another computer.

alcjemy With this option selected, then when files are built to the selected destination they are copied to a data container file DAT file first where they are compressed and indexed, and then alcnemy contents of that data file are copied to the build destination. Speedy Data stored in Alchemy repositories is compressed by a ratio of up to Select Application Server and click Details. Click Install Alchemy Clients. Single-user mode allows only exclusive single-user access to Alchemy databases.

This group, which is chosen as the Alchemy Server Administrator group during Alchemy Server installation, will be able to configure the Alchemy Server service, e.

Alchemy Administrator Release 8.0 User Guide

Select File Open Database. Legal Notice The information in this cataris is furnished for information use only, and does not constitute. Intuitive Simple to implement, easy to learn and use with little or no training at all.


Easy client deployment ONLY supports the creation of an answer file, which can be captarks by a software distribution program to deploy installation packages over networks. The Captaris Alchemy Professional Services Group can help you bypass the challenges associated with designing, implementing and maintaining a data archival and document management solution. Click Close to exit the ALM. To avoid possible problems when upgrading from Alchemy Server 7.

In order to be able to start and stop the Alchemy Server service, members of the Alchemy Server Administrator group must also be added to a local computer group with sufficient rights on the computer on which Alchemy Server is installed. Select your product and language from the Product Type and Language drop-down lists. Select the items that you wish to license. Simply call 15 days prior to a class to check availability and bring your original books.

If an older version of Microsoft. When you do not select this option, Alchemy Search users will have the option to turn off annotations.