I see about macs there and I’m not connected to any network. Both the processes seemed same to me. Originally Posted by fractalman. Another point I want to make is that there are many, many compatible cards out there that are not listed in the supported cards section. Knowing the wireless chipset manufacturer allows you to determine which operating systems are support, software drivers you need and what limitations are associated with them. At mw they work great for packet injection or as a simple wireless adapter. The following will briefly describe how the testing is performed.

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The Alfa website has the following note: The pcap file is the standard file type associated with packet capture tools like libpcap and winpcap. This can be done by one or more of these techniques:. Then I typed airmon-ng start wlan0 and was assigned to monitor mode mon0,but when I typed in airodump-ng mon0,I do not receive any clients on the network. It looks exactly like the screenshot from the lesson.


injection_test [Aircrack-ng]

Yes, took me a little while to get the adapter up and running, so I may have configured something wrong. Sadly that did not help. Does it say that causes or may cause?

These include deauth, fake deauth, interactive, arpreplay necessary for fast WEP crackingchopchop a form of statistical technique for WEP packet decrypting without cracking the passwordfragment, caffe latte attacking the client sideand others. Most of the wireless network adapters listed on the page from the hyperlink above were released a few years back making it difficult to purchase aircrac manufacturers normally releases new products very frequently and phase out the old versions.


Before we get started with aircrcak-ng, we need to make certain that BackTrack recognizes your wireless adapter. On the Basis of both backtrack use and As a normal wifi card for using wifi.

Otherwise, you will need to run BackTrack directly on the hardware to use your built in wifi.

Documentation on what patches to apply can be found on this page. Ronello 7 years ago.

Determine the chipset and driver of a wireless card

Have you ever packet injected or put that card into monitor mode? My problem is Packet Injection and aircrack-ng i have an Atheros ar wireless chipset i don’t know how to inject packets and my another problem is that when i type aircrack-ng in Terminal it says that it’s not installed so i go to the http: My mind doesn’t work the easy way around.

With some drivers, it will fail if they are not the same. This interfaces acts as an AP and receives packets. The first is the brand of the card itself. Hey Gumskull, not sure what OTW will say, but I’ve been successful using a cable LAN connection for my internet connection and then using the aircracking suite on wireless that way you can still read the tutorials, look up things etc.


Tutorial: Is My Wireless Card Compatible?

There are two manufacturers involved with wireless cards. It also lists the IDs 0bda: A request has been made to the madwifi-ng developers to fix this.

Please, please take the time to post to the Forum when you are successful with a particular card. Scroll down and there will be lists of IDs that are supported by that driver. For this to work, we’ll need to use a compatible wireless network adapter. This is my first time ever trying aircrack-ng. Then you need to put your wifi adapter into monitor mode with airmon-ng. I do not get an error message right to you it opens a table with full wifi This opens a table but there are no ateros WIFI.

Anonymous December 25, at So thanks a lot. The ng stands for new generationas aircrack-ng replaces an older suite called aircrack that is no longer supported. If you get error messages similar to the following for Atheros-based cards and the madwifi-ng driver:.

A list of responding APs is assembled to be used in subsequent steps. Availability of software drivers for your particular operating system and intended use of the software.