On the front panel, there is a number of colored LEDs: Today we have shown that a modern notebook can be a full-featured replacement for a gaming desktop PC and a multimedia center. Once we are talking about the video system, a few words on the matrix as well. At the same time, the recording quality is also good. The housing is made of grey plastic, very nice to touch, not showing the dirt and well hides the fine scratches and fingerprints. While playing DVD, the RPC 2 zoning control is used, and the drive can be made multi-zoned only with a specialized software. The power supply adapter is also connected over here.

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As regards the models which came to our test lab, there is no one-one recommendation.

Where can I get driver for an old Asus M6000 Notebook?

The choice of these models is dictated by the following two factors. The notebook offers a full-sized keyboard. Since both of the notebooks under study pretend to be a replacement for a full-fledged desktop PC, then we took the results of recent tests of processors test-benches qsus and compared them versus those produced today wherever possible.

This is very convenient for work at home or in the office, but is not always of convenience in the journey because it’s just the lateral panels which are held most often. The thing which we can’t explain was the repeated performance difference for the disk subsystem. The appearance of M6Q00VA is strict and efficient, without much bizarre, even a bit simplish if you know how much potential is hidden under the hood.


We were indeed glad about the error correction work the company did – information was read from a scratched CD as if from a new one remember that the same disk failed to read with V6X00V. The low characteristics of this system are caused by small capabilities of the codec and low power of the speakers. On the other hand, it offers good operating performance, but you’d better spend some extra for good-quality media.

Asus Drivers Download

Here are two USB 2. The housing is made of light metal alloy, which imparts rigidity to the structure.

During operation it heats up immensely, so we recommend to place it in a way facilitating ventilation. On the front panel, there is a number of colored LEDs: The TFT-matrix of the notebook offers a number of traits.

The average seek time is Behind the scene are the viewing angle and the response time, as well as the Glare, mysterious to many. Since the optical drive takes an active part in the data exchange, we decided to test it a bit. On dynamic images the smearing effect was almost invisible unless you peer into, it’s not seen at all.

We had no claims as to the positioning of letter, numeric and control keys.

The manufacturer proudly declares the diagonal size and the default resolution in the specifications. The chipset Alviso PM offers support for all the advanced technologies and allows the manufacturer to manipulate the price qsus performance of the assembled system. Perhaps the firmware of the drive is not familiar with Acme matrices, so the minimum speed strategy was followed.


ASUS M6Q00Va – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

The drive is not multi-zoned, i. Despite all the engineering survey, the major issue is weight. What lacks to set up a full-featured mini media center is a subwoofer. The drive is modern enough, although during operation it can be one of the noisiest system component. On the rear panel, there is a Kensington security lock socket, a power connector, a LPT printer port, an zsus port to plug in a replicator, an output to an external monitor and TV-Out, two USB 2.

As you can see, even with ATI Mobility Radeon X you can play all modern games, although to the detriment of the image quality. Processor proved to be the hottest part. We found that while writing Acme CD-R matrix the speed characteristics match those in the specifications.

The guesses proved right through the results of recording. They are easy to press, with almost no sound. The only shortcoming is that it is the noisiest component of the notebook under study. At the same time, all necessary features are supported.