Page 34 Output is made with the entered value for 30sec, and the display returns to the original state. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Page Motor lock. Operation section 1 Operation section N. Side Door Unit Transport clutch F.

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Sharp AR-M256 – Printers and MFPs specifications.

Ozone filter Page – M. Network scanner function setting prog Operation Panel This key blinks when auto power shut mode has activated. AR-F14N Motor rpm abnormality. SAVE “3” is copied.

The contents are subject to change sr notice. Grease should not come out when assembling. When, therefore, the simulation is canceled by pressing the [CA] key or when the copy mode display is shifted to the initial menu dis- play in the simulation mode of one page copy, the machine is reset.


Page Motor lock. Page 2 Lamp unit b. Page 57 If, for example, the grid high voltage is set to —V pattern 1the —V —V grid low voltage is —V. Adjust the touch panel coordinates. Transport section Page – P.

Reducing warm-up m26, “first copy out” speeds have also improved and now range between 3. Developing section Page – C. Soft SW the condition to be able to send to the dial pulse line. Page 42 “2” is copied.

The optimum paper tray for the scanned size is selected.

Sharp ar-m Supply Sale

Page Overcurrent to the motor. Overcurrent to the motor. Offset function shifter or finisher required 2 Ozone level Mix paper feed Yes Only when this function is set Preheating Yes Conditions are set with the key operator Ozone Less than 0. Copying is started and the set value is stored. Doing so may cause a burn or injury. Fusing unit not installed. Don’t have an account?


Press the key to return to normal operation. M2566 Door Unit Transport clutch F. Hexadecimal display For AB series, 1 to 5 is displayed, for inch series, 1 to 4. That standard is ISO ppm. PDF print is available with PostScript. No setting The output image direction is AR changed in the staple mode of the finisher. Regular paper and special paper such as transparency film can be fed from the bypass tray. A Postscript file can be identified by its “.

Developer Cartridge Installation 2 Loosen the blue screw and pull out the developing cartridge. Be careful to prevent external light from enter- ing the scan area.