Tubes, books, transformers, sockets, friendly folks, capacitors, resistors, literature, cabinet restoration materials, friendly folks, wire, grill cloth, gifts, tools, information Would a floating AC arrangement be a good choice here? I also will prepare 0. It is one of my favorite preamp now, highs are dynamic, vocals are great, bass is very tight. I already ordered all the parts and want to start as soon as they arrive. Some battery tubes in fact sound as good as D.

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I have built the amp “honest” straight from the schemo and it is a keeper.

SRPP – SomeJoe – Tube DIY Asylum

If a 12AX7 based line stage amplifier cannot adequately drive a 20k input impedance solid-state amplifier, then replacing the 12AX7 with a and increasing the current flow through the line stage by tenfold is one possible answer; another is to use an SRPP circuit with a 12AX7, as the SRPP will deliver twice the current than the single-ended circuit would with the same idle current.

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The same cap exists in the LW circuit it just connects to different AC ground point. Srppp to tell in shows, but conceptually, I like minimalist circuitry, less to go wrongand so, I see no need for adding a capacitor, which DRD does.

Started by rafafredd The Lab. Hi Dan, welcome to the forum!

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You are truly sophomoric in your attempts to entrap me, but one thing is nice, you are predictable and a pretty good name caller.

The left bottom triode functions in White cathode follower topology, while the right bottom triode functions in an SRPP topology. In electronics, the building blocks are the passive devices, such as resistors and inductors, and the simple, basic, fundamental circuit configurations, such as the cathode follower and grounded-cathode amplifier, from which more elaborate, complex electronic circuits are built. You may have seen this already. We all admire the extraordinay zeal with which you spread the word and minister to the unbelieving.

Okay, lets dress this circuit up a bit. Google [Bot]Google Adsense [Bot] and 20 guests. In contrast, a single-ended follower can only symmetrically offer up to its idle current into the load.

Mar 11, at 8: Previous topic Next topic. TK, We also need to add three cathode followers too, to make it low in Z, and why not about three cap couples too!! So assuming the preamp will use only two tubes I’d go for a 6SN7 beside, with the price the better 6SN7 are going for, you don’t want to use 4 when you can you two. Srrpp I scrutinized the schematic, I not only spotted the error arpp the power supply, but an error in the tube-based amplifier circuit as well.


DIYParadise 5687 preamp

See blog number and number for more information on the cathode follower and its modification. Thank you for understanding. Before you can use the output signal, the DC component must be removed, this is the purpose of the parallel electrolytic capacitors.

Your username or email address: It is kind of stupid, isn’t it? I have igh efficiency full-range drivers, so I’m looking for a tube that’s not too dark with good highs. Of course, most tube fanciers only know two basic topologies: By simply replacing the 6K load resistor with a CCS the input sensitivity goes from. And the SRPP is very load sensitive, as the load is an essential part of the circuit. You could increase the size of the coupling caps but this also reaches the point where cost vs.

Throw in a pentode or FET and the mind reels from the vast number of possibilities. I guess that the statute of limitations has run out on the following story, so I can tell it now. Not as much GM as the variants, but super linear.