Sign me up for the newsletter. Learn how your comment data is processed. Bob, Awesome job on everything Nike. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter? The new nike mach speed is by far the hottest driver coming out in

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They are designed to help golfers hit the ball higher and farther with more forgiveness, dq new technology that delivers benefits three key areas: When I reviewed the SQ MachSpeed driver and fairway woodI was impressed by the game improvement qualities of both clubs. I was able to control the ball well with the MachSpeed irons, and when I put a good swing on the ball these irons sent the ball straight towards my target.

As I hit balls I was impressed by how easily I was able to get the ball in the air.

Nike SQ MachSpeed Irons – EARLY LOOK

Pear is not optimal from a engineering perspective and the more data they get and better software they have to show them this the more they realized this was true. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. However it may help those needing to straighten their flight up even more by setting a draw to counter a hook, or machspwed versa, so step forward if that is you.

Is the Method Model for straigh back straight through strokes?

Love the way machspeee look, play and feel. Better look at address and looks like they took that cheap, vibration-dampening rubber insert out of the cavity. I want to try this asap! Imagine jumping on a normal trampoline compared to one that is super thin but just as strong…with the super thin trampoline if you hit that perfect sweet spot it sends your soaring in the air…although miss that sweet spot by just a hair and the distance it propels macuspeed can be dramatically reduced.


Hi Seizo…thanks for stopping by and leaving your 1st comment. In addition to the directional forgiveness of this driver mentioned above, when I mis-hit a shot the ball traveled almost as far as a solid shot. My second choice if you can;t get mike the square look would be the Nike Victory Driver cc the one Tiger is playing.

My question is why do all the game improvement irons out there have so many aesthetic issues. I hit about 50 balls with the new driver using three face angle settings — square, 1 degree open and 1 degree closed — and I hit about 15 balls with each setting, plus a few with my old Dymo driver to compare.

For a improvement mmachspeed I think there a great club to give you some confidence.

Today’s Golfer

Hi Andy — I did not say square was the future I simply said that pear is out and golfers need to get used to seeing other shapes. Seizo 9 years ago.

And especially when I machspeex the ball on the sweet spot, the ball just took off from the clubface. Try and make a warranty claim and see how far you get. That is the most aggressive looking iron I have ever seen. Oct 13, 19 Comments. And unfortunately people are buying it…because they think this means there is more technology in the iron.


My first shot with it when like a rocket been using it eversince. This design and construction increases forgiveness and creates a hot zone on the face of the iron, especially low on the face, which increases distance and promotes a high launch angle. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The original position was set to neutral on the Nike Str8-fit technology. As with any game improvement iron, the main tradeoff for distance and forgiveness is feel.

Product Review: Nike SQ MachSpeed Driver | NG NATION — Nike Golf Fan Blog

Luke 9 years ago. Its nice to finally see nike getting some credit for pushing the envelope and for their ingenuity. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Here are the results of my test and my opinions about the SQ MachSpeed driver:. This is because thinner faces rebound in a much different way compared to standard face wall thickness irons.