April 17, 2018


mcafee.com/registerlenovoasean – Registration process of McAfee software is very robust and simple and needs no technical knowledge. You can easily register your McAfee security tool on Lenovo laptops by visiting mcafee.com/registerlenovoasean. Initially, Lenovo laptops come with the preloaded Superfish, which is an adware. Superfish allows the websites to display the advertisements by obstructing the HTTP and HTTPS communications. These obstructions make your system more vulnerable to the risk.


McAfee started offering the free McAfee LiveSafe subscription for the 6 months for the Superfish system users. You will also get the 1 month free trial of the McAfee LiveSafe with your new Lenovo laptop. McAfee offers you the protection from the malicious websites, viruses, malware and other cyber attacks on your Lenovo systems.

List of Preloaded Superfish system – mcafee.com/registerlenovoasean:

    • E Series – E10-30
    • G Series – G410, G510,G710, G40-70, G50-70, G40-30 and more.
    • Y Series – Y430P, Y40-70, Y50-70.
    • Z Series – Z40-70, Z50-70
    • S Series – S310, S410, S40-70, S20-30, S415, S415 Touch
    • Flex Series – Flex 2 14D, Flex 2 15D, Flex 2 14, Flex 2 15, and more.
    • MIIX Series – MIIX 2-8, MIIX 2-10, MIIX 2-11.
    • Yoga Series – Yoga 2 Pro – 13, Yoga 2-13, and more.
  • U Series – U330P, U430P, U330Touch, U430Touch etc.

All of the above mentioned Lenovo systems comes with the preloaded Superfish and needs a security tool. You can download and install McAfee LiveSafe on these systems and protect your system from the identity theft or data theft etc. By using the McAfee LiveSafe you can also protect your system from the Malware as well as viruses. You can use the McAfee product key retail card to register McAfee on Lenovo Asean laptops.

How to purchase McAfee retail Card – mcafee.com/registerlenovoasean:

Purchase McAfee retail card online:

    • Visit the retail website and then select your product from the list to purchase the Product key retail card.
    • After selecting the product, click Buy Now and then enter your credentials to log in to your account.
    • Now make the payment and then you will receive the product key by an email from the McAfee Team.
  • Note down that digital code for the installation of McAfee product on your system.

Purchase McAfee Retail card offline:

    • You need to visit the nearby retail store in order to purchase McAfee product key retail card.
    • Ask the retailer to provide the Retail card according to your McAfee product and make payment.
  • Now, you need to redeem that product key online to register your McAfee product on Lenovo Laptop.

You can also purchase the CD of the McAfee product then there will be no need to purchase the retail card. The product key retail card can also be used for the McAfee product renewal and up-gradation.

Step-by-step procedure to register McAfee on Lenovo laptop – mcafee.com/registerlenovoasean:

    • Open your web browser and then visit mcafee.com/registerlenovoasean, to register McAfee on Lenovo system.
    • Now enter the product key from the Retail Card which you have purchased.
    • The product key is essential to activate the McAfee product and should be unique for every product.
    • Scratch the backside of the retail card and then type the exact same letter or number in the required fields.
    • Now click on the Submit button and you are done.
  • Your McAfee product key retail card is now redeemed and you can download your product.

After you successfully redeemed the product key, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the product installation. In case you need help then visit mcafee.com/activate or call McAfee Support for the better assistance.

FAQs – mcafee.com/registerlenovoasean:

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    • Issues with the McAfee Setup or McAfee Setup failed.
    • How to use McAfee activation code free?
    • Steps for the McAfee Antivirus Plus activation.
    • What is the process of McAfee Total Protection activation?
    • Issues with the McAfee Dell laptop.

The above-listed issues, you may face while using or installing the McAfee product on your system. These issues are very common and you can try to resolve by following the basic troubleshooting steps. If you are still not able to resolve the issue then you may contact McAfee Support. You can also visit us at mcafee.com/activate for the expert support and help.