April 13, 2018


home.mcafee.com – McAfee offers a complete security from cybercriminals and other malicious activities to consumers and businesses. It protects your Mobile devices, Windows or Mac computers by using the latest technology in developing the security tools. McAfee developed numerous software which includes McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Mobile Security, McAfee LiveSafe and McAfee Antivirus etc. The link home.mcafee.com or mcafee.com/activate helps you to download and install the McAfee software on your system.

McAfee acquires the SkyHigh Networks which is a leading technology provider of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technology. The Skyhigh Networks offers the security to the data which may be inside or outside the cloud. There are several services and policies which have been produced by the Skyhigh Networks to secure the cloud. The acquisition of McAfee with Skyhigh Networks will help to create the most secure and robust environment for the businesses.



All the products can be downloaded by visiting the link home.mcafee.com online. In order to activate the McAfee product you also require a McAfee product key. The product is 25 digit alphanumeric code that can be purchased either from the retail store or online. McAfee account allows you to manage your McAfee subscription and renewal of the product.

McAfee Home Page – home.mcafee.com:

The menu bar of the McAfee home page gives you the options to manage your account. It includes For Consumer, Region and My Account tabs. You can also purchase your version of McAfee product as the home page has the Buy Now option.

For Consumer – home.mcafee.com:

    • If you want to purchase McAfee for home use then you can select For Consumer.
  • You can also select For Business from the drop-down menu of For Consumer, in case you need McAfee for business use.

Region – home.mcafee.com:

    • If you want to select a specific region then you need to click on the Region option on the top right corner of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu select the region which you want, and you are done.

My Account – home.mcafee.com:

My Account consists a list of options which helps you to manage your McAfee subscription without any trouble. It includes Sign In, My Account, Edit Billing, Updates Profile, Auto-Renewal Settings, and Redeem your retail Card etc. You can click on either of these options to update the settings.

Sign In:

    • Click Sign in option from the drop-down menu of My Account to login or create a new McAfee account.
    • If you already have a McAfee account then type your email id and password associated with your account and then click Login.
    • In case the McAfee account does not exist then click on the Register Now option from the right pane.
    • Now type all the required details in the box, tick the checkbox if you want to receive promotional emails from the McAfee team.
    • If you do not wish to receive the emails from McAfee then skip this step and then click Register.
    • Now open your email and then search for the mail which you have received from the McAfee Team with the verification link.
  • Open the email and then click on the verification link to confirm your McAfee account and you are done.

My Account:

    • My Account is the second option from the drop-down menu of My Account tab.
    • Click on the My Account option and you will be redirected to another webpage with the sign in option.
    • You can sign in to your McAfee account if you have one, or create a new account by clicking on the Register Now option.
    • You can find some other option which will be helpful to troubleshoot basic login issues like
        • Forgot Your Password?
        • Forgot Your Email Address?
        • New Email Address?
        • Privacy policy
        • Common FAQs
      • Unsubscribe
    • All of the above options can be used to reset your login credentials or update the new email address.
  • Unsubscribe option can be selected if you no longer want to receive the notification from the McAfee about the product.

Auto-Renewal Settings:

    • Click on the Auto-Renewal Settings and then sign in to your McAfee account, to enroll for auto renewal.
    • After signing in to your account click on the Auto-renewal from the My Account menu.
    • In order to enroll for auto-renewal service, you need to enter your billing details.
    • Now type your billing information like your name and credit/debit card details and then click Save.
  • After saving the card details enable the auto-renewal service and then click Save.

Update Profile:

    • Click Update profile from the My Account drop-down menu and then log in to your account.
  • Update your information by clicking the Profile tab and then click Save.

Edit Billing:

    • You can edit the credit/debit card information and delete the card from the account by using this option.
    • Click on the Edit Billing, sign in to your account and then modify all the information which you want.
  • After editing the information you need to click on the save and you are good to go.

Redeem your Retail Card:

    • Retail Card is required to activate the McAfee product, in order to redeem the retail card click on the Redeem your Retail card.
    • Sign in to your account, on the homepage you need to type the McAfee product key and then click Submit.
  • You can now be able to install and activate your version of McAfee product online.

McAfee MyAccount

Cart – home.mcafee.com:

  • Click on the cart option after to check out after you have added the product to the cart to purchase.

We have described all the options in details which will help you to understand that what these options do. In case you have any other query and need information related to McAfee then you can visit us at home.mcafee.com or mcafee.com/activate. If you are facing trouble during the activation or installation then please contact McAfee Support for the troubleshooting related help.